Lab Rat Design
Design services specifically for scientific research individuals and companies


Logo Design
Digital Creative Direction
User Experience Design
Web Design & Development
Responsive Design

Lab Rat Design offers a niche design service specifically for scientific researchers and research companies. Exploiting a gap in the market where there is a lack of consistency in the design quality of research papers’ supporting graphics, which causes a high number of publication submission rejections, this company provides results for their clients.

Milk & Sugar Design was commissioned to create the branding and website of Lab Rat Design from the ground up.


Logo Design

Taking into consideration the target audience, the logo design needed to be clean, clinical and bold, but still stand out with an element of creativeness. Relevant white space was employed in the design along with a stylized font to demonstrate the voice of creativeness while maintaining a scientific edge.

Website Design

Although the main function of this website is more from a services and portfolio point of view, care and thought had to be put into the look and feel of it to resinate with the target audience of scientific researchers and companies.

The website is created responsive within WordPress and pin-pointed SEO or optimum search-ability.

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